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Pearl Research’s analysis is generated through in country visits, in-depth interviews with industry executives, extensive online and offline data collection, and a vast knowledge base and cultural understanding of the interactive entertainment markets.

In-country visits: Pearl Research conducts research in each of the Asia-Pacific countries, interviewing key stakeholders in addition to visiting locales such as retail outlets, Internet cafes and software pirate markets to get a pulse on the market. Pearl Research also works with local researchers when necessary to complement our research efforts.

Stakeholder interviews: Pearl Research interviews key industry executives to gather different perspectives on market trends, market sizes and future strategic developments. Stakeholder interviews are valuable sources of information to generate market size and projections in countries without any official or reliable sell-through services. Pearl Research conducts several interviews in order to garner the most diverse viewpoints, reduce biases and to cross check information. Some of the stakeholders interviewed included leading publishers, developers, distributors, retailers and government agencies.

Extensive data collection: To supplement primary data gathering, Pearl Research gathers information from various secondary sources including company annual reports, financial filings, governmental agencies, specialist trade press, trade organizations, white papers, online databases and other relevant sources.

Robust forecasting model: Pearl Research’s proprietary forecasting model takes into account critical market factors such as sales trends, pricing forecasts, macro-economic factors and relies on our extensive database of historical data. Our objective is to formulate robust and accurate forecasts, grounded in reality that companies can rely on for strategic planning purposes.




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